“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
                                                                            ~ Brené Brown

Sexuality is an integral part of how we feel about ourselves and relate to others. It influences everything from how we dress, how we feel when we look in the mirror and how we connect with others. Despite the power sexuality has in each of our lives we rarely discuss it in a healthy or helpful way.  This silence and miscommunication can create feelings of otherness and disconnect which impair our ability to sustain fulfilling relationships.  Common issues include low desire, sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction, negative body image, low self esteem, or conflict surrounding sexual orientation.

 I am a highly specialized therapist dedicated to helping individuals develop better insight into their sexuality and relationships in order to achieve greater life satisfaction. I offer a safe, confidential and judgment free space for individuals and couples to explore personal beliefs, knowledge, experiences, and communication styles that impact their relationship with self and others.